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North Korea Has Made An iPad Of Their Own And It Looks Like A Piece of Shit.

North Korea has absolutely no chill and clearly, they don’t give a fuck. The country has come out with their very own iPad and they didn’t even shy away from calling it the same name. It is dubbed  the “Ryonghung iPad” and was featured in the country’s “Foreign Trade” magazine. 

The advertisement in the magazine says “The iPad has been…highly appreciated at the third national sci-tech festival and the national intellectual property products show in 2016,” 

It claims that the iPad has a Quadcore 1.2 Ghz CPU, 1GB of RAM (Haha!) and 8GB internal storage (ha ha again!). The device also has support for HDMI mirroring and a keyboard that can also be attached. The North Korean iPad is manufactured by the Myohyang IT Company.
The country has blatantly ripped off Apple’s trademarks by producing a tablet with the same name as the popular “iPad”. The isolated nation has infringed on Apple’s trademarks in the past as they also released a computer that eerily resembles the Mac OS X. 

The reclusive state has not really shared what OS the Ryonghung iPad will run on but it is very likely the tablet will run some form of Android.

Source- Mashable


The World’s Most Expensive Headphones Priced At Rs 45 Lakh.

German Audio specialist Sennheiser has added another crown to its line-up after its legendary $55,000 (~ Rs 35 Lakh) headphones ‘Orpheus’. This time, the company has taken it even further and is calling the release ‘the world’s best and finest headphones’ and they have named it the Sennheiser HE 1.

With such claims being made, you can bet that the new Sennheiser headphones are not your everyday headphones and that they just might be heavy on your pocket as well. But just how expensive are the new Sennheiser HE 1? Well, the German company has priced the “world’s best” headphones at a whopping Rs 45 Lakh.

And now you are left wondering, what exactly is going on here? You might understand the sound correctness, frequency response, amplifications and all the things required to make a headphone great but 45 Lakh?

Here is why the Sennheiser HE 1 beats the price barriers and the regular audio concepts known to many.

To start with, Sennheiser claims that the headphones deliver ‘a frequency response that extends beyond the range of human hearing’. As a result, the Sennheiser HE 1 have recorded ‘the lowest total harmonic distortion ever measured in an audio reproduction system’. Sennheiser claims to have brought the distortion down to 0.01 percent.

Daniel Sennheiser, CEO of the company, puts it in simple words “No other sound reproduction system in the world is able to deceive our senses like the HE 1. It creates the absolutely perfect illusion of being directly immersed in the sound,”

Amplifier Concept

– Sennheiser has put to use, an entirely new amplifier concept that combines a tube amplifier’s impulse processing with a transistor amplifier’s low distortion.

– Italian Carrara marble has been used to make the Amplifier housing to monitor the sensitivity to air-borne-noise.

– The cups of the headphones house a patented, ultra-high impulse amplifier stage.

– Sennheiser puts its new amplifier concept in Cool Class A, which provides Class A power at any volume in the low-frequency range and switches to Class AB in ultra-high frequency range.

– The amplifier and the diaphragm are placed less than 1 cm away, reducing the power requirement for charge reversal.

– A combined effect ensures high impulse fidelity with relatively low power requirements.


– The Sennheiser HE 1 constitutes of more than 6,000 individual components.

– Sennheiser HE 1 uses platinum-vaporised diaphragms and gold-vaporised ceramic electrodes.

– The eight wires of the cables are made of oxygen-free copper and silver plated for optimum transmission of audio signals.

– Also, the wires are covered with an insulating layer to eliminate any sound waves acting on the cable.


– Sennheiser HE 1 uses ESS SABRE ES9018 chip to convert digital music data into analog signals.

– HE 1 houses 8 internal DACs to convert audio data with 32 bits resolution and a sampling rate of up to 384 kHz into analog signals.

– 4 DACs are connected in parallel for each stereo channel for noise reduction.

Sound Experience

– The Italian Carrara marble used in the HE 1 is the same type of marble using which Michelangelo created his sculptures.

– A single piece of brass is used to make the rotary switches for the source and the volume controls which are also chromium-plated.

– A microprocessor is used to control the position of four switches.

– Each element follows the listener’s adjustments and can be remote controlled.

The HE 1 will be available in India from May 2017 for Rs 45,00,000.